Color Holiday Benefits

The Color Holiday was born to give you unforgettable holidays for the whole family, guaranteeing quality in the services and advantages that only our brand can assure you.

Discover our Plus & Live your Color Vacation! 

All Inclusive H 24

All Inclusive H 24


Unlimited Drinks on Day and Night


Water, Cola, Orange, Lemon, Toned, Juices, Wine and Beer


After midnight excluding alcohol and coffee


The animation is one of our strengths, every day the animation team will have fun with a Day & Night program for children, teenagers and adults

Children, the real stars of the Color Holiday

Children are at the center of your holiday, a wave of services for them:

  • Children's menu every day with vegetable broths, vegetable soups, pastries and baby food
  • H24 drinks without limit with "ioBIMBO" height-adjustable dispenser!
  • Only natural drinks based on fruit without coloring (Blueberry, Banana & Peach)
  • Every day at 16.00 the snack for your children with tasty and healthy products
  • Mini & Junior Club Room with Playstation Games and Consoles
  • Animation in Hotel & beach with Mini & Junior Club

Mummy's Room and Children's Menu

For weaning newborns who do not want to know to comply with scheduled times, a kitchenette is available for all mothers.


  • broths
  • vegetable soups
  • fresh tomato sauce
  • pastine
  • microwave oven
  • cooking plate
  • fridge
  • table seats
  • crockery and cutlery for children
  • Warmer
  • Our cooks prepare daily meat and vegetable broths with minestrina and passed with fresh vegetables without adding salt

Mothers without thoughts

  • Free Medical Assistance for your children directly in the Hotel
  • Lifeguard always present in the pool & beach.
  • At your disposal free baby bath, safety rails and cradles, bottle warmers, toilet reducers

Discounts and Promotions

Color Holiday rewards loyalty giving additional benefits and discounts to those who decide to choose us each year by sending dedicated newsletters and online promotions.


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Km 0 Products

To guarantee the safety and freshness of the raw material, all our fruit and vegetable products are Km0

Our collaborations with the Romagnoli farmers give us the possibility to guarantee you a high quality.

Live the Romagna even at the table!

pets accepted

Take your 4-legged friends (max 15 kg) on vacation even without worries.


On your arrival you will receive a Welcome Gift for your travel companion


 A small supplement for the final cleaning of the room will be added to the total amount of the holiday

 * Access is not allowed only in the areas: Restaurant and Swimming Pool

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