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In order to follow the UE 2016/679 rules, your personal informations that you will give us by this and other websites, will be treated from the Color Holiday Srl. The Company Color Holiday Srl will treat your information in quality of supervisor of the treatment, for the following Associations Owners and Co- Owners for the treatments of the given data.

1. List of the Owners and Co-Owners of the treatment of the Data managed by the following websites:

Co-Owner 1:
Savignano sul Rubicone, Piazza Amati Nr. 5 - P.iva: 01062820400
Contacts: Mail: - tel: 0541.720227
Receptive structures and websites connected to

Co-Owner 2:
Viale Cavour, 40 – CESENATICO (FC) P.Iva: 03783450400
Contacts: Mail: tel:0547.81229
Receptive structures and websites connected

Co-Owner 3:
Via Ionio 5, San Mauro Pascoli (FC)  P.iva 03358870404
Contacts - Mail  - tel: 0547.80095
Receptive structures and websites connected to

RESPONSIBLE OF THE TREATMENT for the following Owners and Co-Owners:

COLOR HOLIDAY Srls, Via Negrelli, 28 CESENATICO (FC) P.iva 04297410401
Mail fo

COLOR HOLIDAY nominated a Responsible for the protection of the personal information (DPO), of which we give the contact:

Other Responsible or principle SUB-RESPONSIBLES of the treatment:

The full list of the Responsibles and Sub-Responsibles is available on request contacting


The website ,and the connected sites to it, use log files in which informations are picked up in a automatic way during the clients visits.
Between the taken data we report the following:

  • Mail address protocol (IP) (in anonymous form);
  • Kind of browser and standards used to connect to the website;
  • Name of the internet service provider (ISP);
  • Day and time of the visit;
  • Website page of entrance (referral) and exit of the user;
  • Number of click;
  • Cookie and day of utilization (Google Analytics and third parts);
  • Geolocalization data given by the browser or ISP

Kind of Cookies 

The present website uses cookie, technicians and also profiles from third parts. To know the types of cookies used from the website, the client can consult the "cookie policy" available on the site on the following  LINK.



Between the information filled from the client/user on the form of request on the site there are the following informations:

  • Name and Last Name;
  • Email Address;
  • Phone Number/Home Number;
  • Address;
  • City;
  • Province/Region;
  • Nation;
  • Notes Area*;
  • Date of arrive and departure of the holiday;
  • Number of adults and children who stay in the hotel;
  • Geolocalization information (by the APP COLOR FIDELTY CARD)

N.B. In case that the user/client communicates in the “Notes Area” or other free areas of the FORM on the site, particular kinds of information (for example informations about the client’s health, allergies, intolerances, pathologies, requested therapies, handicap, ethnicity, politics or sexual orientation, legal informations, etc.) ex art. 9m Regulation (UE) 2016/679, the compilation and sending the form means a free, informed  and specific manifestation. It is a positive and unequivocal action that the user or client does to express their clear agreement in order that the Owner uses their personal information. 

However, once the Responsible and the Co-Owners will reach their purpose for the requested service, they will do the possible to cancel the client’s personal information.


Each Owner of the treatment uses the personal data directly or indirectly, using COLOR HOLIDAY and other Responsibles and Sub-Responsibles, in the following ways, aims, and for the following purposes:

    The personal information given by the chat on-line service or by the compilation of the reservation or during the registration phase on the site, is treated to the purpose of satisfying the client’s request of knowing a price, cancel a reservation, booking a room or any requested service. The data is indispensabile to satisfy their requests of knowing a price, cancel a reservation, booking a room or any requested service in the indicated structure. In case of missing of this personal information, we cannot complete the request. 
    The Legal base of the Data Treatment is the contractual and pre-contractual oblige and the agreement in case there are particular information provided (for example health data or ethnicity/religious informations).
    The personal information given from the website or in the building are needed for the regular development of all the administrative, accounting or financial  activities reguarding the demanded service (overnight stay and other hospitality service, Wellness treatment, membership seaside establishment, organization of the events, etc.). It is clear that the possible decline to give this kind of information, and the missing agreement will implicate the inability of the service. The personal data will be treated in the times and in the ways requested from the applicable legislation.

    In addition, the personal information, even the particular/sensible ones (for example the health data) can be treated also for:
    1. giving implementation for law obligation, regulation, national legislation and for communities, from disposition issued from autorities justified by law,
    2. ensuring, practicing and/or defending a right in a judiciary location of the Owner or the Co-Owners;
    3. guaranteeing the medic assistance needed during the holiday;
    4. finding a way to help the client with their health requests in case, for example, of dietary intolerance, allergies, temporary or permanent inabilities of the client, the client’s family or their company;

    Law bases for this treatment are the obligation  by contract and pre-contractual, obligations by law, legitimate interest for the common information and the agreement in case the client provides particular (sensible) personal data, for which we mention: 
    Health data, judiciary information, information about ethnicity or religion, sexual or politics orientation, genetics and other particular types of information;
    The personal information filled from the client in the website/or taken directly from the Owners and Co-Owners’ receptive structures listed above subscribe the user/client to our Marketing and Commercial services by automatic resources (ex. Mail, Newsletter, Sms, on-line chats, social, web advertising, re-marketing, etc.) and not automatic ways (ex. Phone operator, paper mail). This service gives the user/client the possibilità to receive updates about news, activities, promotions, events and other types of marketing organized directly or indirectly from the Owners and the Co-Owners listed above, by this website, the sites and/or the platforms connected to that or directly from the listed receptive structures in the area. 
    For this purpose and, in case the person is already a client or had already had an interaction with COLOR HOLIDAY and/or other connected Associations in less than 24 months and, if they have never given their agreement , the juridical base to accomplish the treatment is the same interested , based on which the Owner can send commercial and marketing communications similar to products/services already bought in the past.
    If the client never realized a reservation during the past 24 months, the luridi Base for this objective is still the agreement  taken from this website or connected platforms, or directly with the Owner and Co-Owners through the authorized employees in charge of the welcoming part or with the respective receptive structures in the zone;
    This kind of service allow the realization of publication, interaction, reviews and comments through the social network , or by other external platforms, directly from the pages of this website or the connected site sto this one. The interactions and informtions taken  from this site are subject to the user’s privacy settings for every social media which they activated an account with. In case it is activated a online profile by social media the information will be taken from there even if the users do not use the service. 
    The client can publish or share some contents or pages of one or more social network (ex. Facebook and Instagram) between the ones indicated with the logo. In this case, if the user activated the data share on the account, our website could access to some information of their account or profile.
    Navigation data with Cookie
    e.2) The services in the next paragraph allow the Owner and his Responsible of the treatment to analize the information about the navigation. This data is needed in order to supervise the user’s behaviour on the website. This is possible tank to Cookie such as Google Analytics or third parts. Google Analytics is a web analizing service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google uses the personal data taken with the objective of tracing the use of the website, fill reports and share them with other services developed from Google. Google could use the Personal Data to personalize advertisement of their own network. 
    The juridic base for this objective is the approvation declared by the click on the banner that appears the first time that the user enter on the website. Once the client gives the first approvation the banner of request will never appear again, but the modification will be possible anyways from the browser (for more information check the specific cookie documentation)
    e.1) Other statistics values, profilation, geolocalization (sub-purpose):
    T ogive comunications and more services for the clients’ interests and their preferences, we can use the information given through the website or to our operators. 
    The luridi base for this sub-purpose is the approvation declared by the click on the specific place in the website form, where the data is needed for this reason.
    Through this section of the website, if the user is registered as a client with one of the Owner or the receptive structure, or they voluntarily downloaded the App, then the client can check the points based on the reservation or the subscriptions based on the rules released by the holiday promoter to get the access to discounts and promotions. 

    The client will be able to disable their COLOR CARD at anytime from the App or contacting the structure by the mail . Unless the given information is for other purposes, it will be deleted right after the specific objective. 

    The juridic base for this approvation is the contractual obligation for the Owner    
    or Co-Owner of the receptive structure, when the clients give the approvation at
    the COLOR CARD service by downloading the App from the App Store Google or 
    Apple and/or re leasing their information by the compilation of the specific form.

    The Owner or Co-Owner can also have a legal interest in increasing the client’s 
    satisfaction and loyalty.

    The users’ information will be used for the purposes (c) and (e) only behind their 
    approvation declared at the moment of the registration to obtain the COLOR 
    CARD (physics or when they download the App);
    Through the website area “WORK WITH US” the user will be able to release their information and the Curriculum Vitae (CV), to voluntarily offer their candidation to work with COLOR HOLIDAY and/or with the Owner or Co-Owner who works as a Owner of the Treatment for COLOR HOLIDAY. 
    The luridi bases for this treatment are the contractual and pre-contractual obligation, and the legal interest for the common information  and the approvation in case the person will give Particular Personal Information (sensible) for what we mention in particular: 
    Health Data, Juridic Data, Religiuos Data or information about the ethnicity, sexual or politics orientation, genetics or biometrics data, and other particular types of information;
    Some areas of the site or some social pages can be dedicated at the pubblication of pictures and videos with our clients (even under age) in case of events, festivals or during the holiday, or pictures connected to the clients’ reviews or comments on the website. 
    The juridic base to keep pictures and videos is the approvation that the client can give by the compilation the specific form given at the moment of the arrive in our receptive structures. 
    Although the Owner and Co-Owner could publish pictures and videos of people or groups based on the legal interest with the condition that this interest do not prevail the interests, the liberty, and the right of the client that require the protection of the personal information, in particular if the client is under age. (Ex Art 6 p. 1 reg. UE 679).
    In case of a picture treatment for under-age people, the pubblication can happen just behind the approvation owner of the parental responsability.


The personal information will be kept for a period not longer that the needed for the purpose. The personal data will be conserved for the all contract and also for a future period:

  1. By the rules established from the legislation;
  2. By the rules established even from the secondary legislation that force the data conservation (for example the financial declaration);
  3. By the necessary periodo f time in order to protect the Owner’s rights in case of possible disagreements connected to the distribution of the performance;
  4. The treated information based on the legittimate interest (originated from the relationship client/supplier) will be kept until a maximum of 24 months since the last interaction, purchase or manifestation of interest from the client and/or from the day of sending of the CV in case of work proposal.
  5. The treated data through informed approvation for the purposes (c)(d)(e)(f)(g) will be conserved until the revocation of another client’s right (check the user’s rights).
  6. The pictures and audio/videos taken during events or manifestations organized in our rceptive structures will be kept for a limited period of time during the holiday and then deleted. If there is an approvation for the pubblication of the pictures, the information will be kept until the revocation;
  7. The taken and treated personal information, for statistics/profilation purposes, will be kept for a maximum of ten (10) years. At the end of this period, the data will be automatically erased or it will be made anonymousin a permanent way.


The given information will be mainly treated with informatics instruments under the authority of the Co-Owners of the treatment. The data will be treated only from our specific and autorized staff. The personal for the treatment is instructed by other sub-responsible of the treatment selected based on the requirements and nominated by the Responsible (COLOR HOLIDAY).

The Responsible list and possible Sub-Responsible could be given on request writing at

The data will be treated with appropriate ways of security and protection in order to reduce the risks, prevent and mitigate any violation caused by loss, illegal or not correct  use, or by not authorized access.


Some informations are necessary for the operation of the website, other is used just for anonymous statistics on the website and to control the correct use. The information is erased right after the processing. (Check Cookie information)
For  the purposes (a)(b)(f)(g) of the past paragraph II, the distribution of the clients’ personal data is obligatory because, in case of missing, the requested services are not possible. 
Instead, the distribution of the personal data (common and/or particular) and the approvation to the treatment is not obligatory but optional because of the purposes (c)(d)(e)(g) of the past paragraph and, in case of missing approvation, it won’t obstruct to get other services (a)(b)(g)(f) only for the common data.
Referring to the objectives (a)(b)(f)(g) of the past paragraph II, the juridic base of the treatment is the obligation to the fulfillment of Law, Contractual and Pre-Contractual. 
For the purposes (c)(g) the juridic base is the common interest. For people that are clients less than 24 months whom the owner/Co-Owner can send commercial and marketing communication about the services already taken, and for the candidates for a work position.
For the purpose (c) for the not clients, (d)(h)(e) and (g) just for the particular information, the juridic base is the informed approvation.


I - Communication about the data to a third person

The client’s data, more than being communicated and/or transfered to the indicated societies as Co-Owner of the treatment, could also be communicated to third as much as:

Bank institutes for the financial part, Public corporations, Juridic Authorities, Police departments and other control Securities, Health Minister and Loco Healthcare Companies, Legal and financial consultation, Computer Assistance, Web and Marketing Agency, professional and authorized photo operators, Responsible and Sub-Responsible and/or nominated by the Responsible/Owner/Co-Owner, Travel Agencies, Insurance, Flight Companies, Travel Guides, Locals, Suppliers, Taxi and trasportation companies.

We want to clarify that, for any reason, the given data from the Client/User taken on the websites or the App, will be shared with thirds. The third people are not listed in this documentation for Marketing and Commercial purposes. 


The treated data for the purposes (a)(b)(c)(e)(h) are transferred and treated in the Republic of San Marino (EXTRA UE Town) through the Society TITANKA Srl , Sub Responsible of COLOR HOLIDAY for the services booked on-line, estimate and DB CRM.

At the moment of the update of this documentation the Reublic of San Marino is on its way to receive the european legislation about the treatment of the personal data, through the adoption of a State legislation with the guarantee expected from GDPR.

The Owner can transfer the personal information taken in the UE through third countries (in other words all the countries that are not part of the UE) just in compliance with a specific juridic base. Therefore, these transports of data are based on one of the following juridic bases.

The User can ask the Owner for information about the juridic base used in each service.

The data Transfer from the UE and/or Switzerland to the United States based on the Privacy Shield (this website)
When this is the juridic base, the data transfer from the UE and/or Switzerland to the United States happens based on the agreement Privacy Shield UE - USA or Switzerland - USA.

In particular, the Personal Data is moved to subjects that are autocertified on the Privacy Shield and therefore they guarantee a appropriate level of protection for the transfered data. The interested services from the transfered data are listed in the respective parts of this document. Between these,  the ones that agree at the Privacy Shield can be seen consulting the privacy policy or verifying the status of their subscription in the official listo f the Privacy Shield. 

The users’ rights regarding the Privacy Shield are described and always updated on the website of the Department of the USA Marketing. The transfer of the personal data from the UE or Switzerland to the US for subjects not subscribed anymore at the Privacy Shield is available only following another juridic base. The Users can ask the Owner for information regarding these juridic bases. 

Data transfer to countries that ensure european standard (this website)

When this is the juridic base, the personal Data transfer from the UE to other countries happens besed on a decision adopted by the European Commission. The European Commission takes appropriate decisions concerning single third countries that are considered keeping a protection level of the personal data comparable the one expected by the European legislation. The User can take a look the updated list of the appropriate decisions on the website of the European Commission.


The User/client has the right of asking the access to their personal data to the Owner and Co-Owner of the treatment. The client has also the right of asking the cancellation, correction , opposition or limitation of the treatment. In addition, they have the right to revoke the permission at any time. They can also speak to an authority for a claim. The User/Client/Supplier practices the rights respecting the established conditions in the paragraph number 4 and the Rules of the Privacy. 
In case the clients want to take position against the treatment of their personal data for the purposes of marketing and profilation practiced with the indicated ways. Furthermore, the users can cancel the given service at anytime, going on the link “Describe yourself” or by contact with the Owner/Co-Owner (the contacts are on this documentation).

If you want to complain to the Authority of Control you can follow the instruction on this link:



The clearness on the way we treat the data and we keep it on safe is our dedication guarantee and reinforce the rights on the privacy. For these reasons this documentation will be object of treatment by our Owner and Co-Owners of the treatment. The Club Color Holiday will send an email with the main edits, while for other minor adjustments we advice to visit often this website.

Last edit of this documentation: April 30th 2019


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